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Business Loan Services & Accounts Receivable Credit Lines

Receive a variety of business loan options, such as accounts receivable credit lines, when you rely on our dedicated staff at TFNCorp. TFNCorp's focus is on providing loans to businesses which have difficulty accessing capital markets, as well as companies for which traditional lenders are unable or unwilling to provide adequate levels of capital. Through our participation with affiliated lenders, TFNCorp stands ready to provide working capital lines of credit up to 10 million dollars for approved clients

For the past 20 years, TFNCorp and our affiliated lenders have helped many companies in providing lending support through our financing programs. In such instances, we are stepping in and providing a viable alternative, filling the void created by our current economic conditions.

TFNCorp is ready to assist your company in achieving its mandate and aspirations for the future through our federal contract financing programs. Provided below are loan services we provide, as well as scenarios to demonstrate when each is the best option for your specific needs.

Accounts Receivable Line of Credit

Let's assume you have six contracts with the federal government, and you do work for and bill the federal government on all your contracts in the amount of $500,000. At that point, you can borrow up to 90% of that $500,000 for payroll, office rent, and utility bills! We speed up the process so you don't have to wait for your customer to pay you, which greatly increases access to that cash flow source.

Skyscraper, Business Loan Services & Accounts Receivable Credit Lines in Oxford, FL

Payroll Financing for Unbilled Advances

As an illustrative example, let us suppose that you have 50 people working for you for two weeks, but you have payroll due the third week. We advance your payroll and payroll taxes, even prior to you invoicing your customer. This is an addition to the receivable financing service TFNCorp provides to qualified clients.

Loan Asset Management

We provide asset management for troubled loan portfolios. Our team does a lot of business with banks and successfully negotiates solutions for our clients. TFNCorp is able to take on your trouble loans from the bank and work to make you viable, which keeps you in business.

Contact us at TFNCorp, to request more information about our business loan services, including accounts receivable credit lines.