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Financial Support Letters & Escrow Agreements from TFNCorp

Depend on TFNCorp, for contract bidding support, including financial support letters and escrow agreements. As part of our federal contract financing services, we provide options to prove your credit worthiness to prospective clients. You may find your business in a position where you're going to be bidding on a federal government contract.

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During The Bidding Process

The federal government will narrow it down to three to five promising candidates. If you are one of the candidates, they will go back to you and inform you that you technically qualify to do the work, and should they award you the contract would you have the financial capacity to perform on that contract? At this point you would call us and request a financial support letter to provide the government agency.

Escrow Agreements

Should you have a new company and want to deliver computers to the government, but cannot fulfill because hardware sellers won't provide you the financing, then you need an escrow agreement. This is where we negotiate with the hardware seller, stand for your credit worthiness, and then the equipment is send to the end user based upon upon the terms of escrow agreement.

Business Development Consulting

A lot of our customers ask us to help them by pointing them in the right direction on how to acquire new business. We have relationships with people in the government marketing arena that are familiar with federal procurement, as well as other private companies that are familiar with federal procurement.

Contract Teaming Assistance

This service supports you when you decide to bid on a contract and your company may not have the required past performance to initially bid the contract opportunity. TFNCorp will attempt to connect you with companies that will have the required past performance on federal government contracts.

Contactus at TFNCorp, to request more information about any of our services, including financial support letters and escrow agreements.